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Washi Tape Samples

Washi Tape Samples
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Not sure about getting an entire roll of tape? Here's an option to get shorter lengths to try!

❗❗❗ Important: If you select the 2 tapes option, please write your tape choices (Cawnstellations / Cosmic Summers / Summer Coolers) in your order comment!! ❗❗❗
If not, I will decide which ones you get!! (I will always choose 2 different tapes, but you are free to choose 2 of the same tape)

Please refer to the tape pages for more information about/images of the tapes themselves:

❗ Information ❗

- You will receive 2 repeating lengths of each tape design, wound around a plastic card. This comes to approximately 50cm for each tape!

❕ Note ❕

- The card pictured will be used for holding samples - this was an experimental print and not an actual product. The print can be scratched off, please be careful!