Pin Grading


Pin Grading

This is a reference for how I grade my enamel pins!

A Grade

These pins are the best of the batch and ideal for display purposes. The metal should be smooth and shiny, and enamel fill should be correctly-coloured, clear of any obvious specks of dust and undamaged.

However, as enamel pins are made by hand, they are not necessarily flawless. A grade pins may exhibit the following:
  • Polishing marks
  • Slight variance in line thickness
  • Very minor underfill/overfill in hard enamel pins (slight bumps in enamel level)
  • Small specks of dust in inconspicuous areas
B Grade

These pins have small flaws. B grade pins are good for outdoor use (e.g. on bags, etc.) where the pin might be viewed at a distance/may receive minor scuffs anyway. You can find these pins listed under my Enamel Pin Seconds listing if they're available.

B grade pins may exhibit the following:
  • Wrong enamel colours, but not very noticeable
  • Small specks in conspicuous areas of enamel
  • More conspicuously underfilled/overfilled enamel in hard enamel pins
  • Flaws in metal (insufficient metal, tiny surface bubbles, unintended variance in line thickness etc.)
C Grade

C grade pins are obviously wrong. They occur rarely in pin batches, and I may or may not choose to make them available. These can include flaws such as:
  • Conspicuously wrong enamel colours
  • Large discoloured areas
  • Enamel underfill that shows the metal underneath
  • Damage to the metal/enamel
  • Large specks/other dirt embedded in the enamel fill