$2.00 - $4.00

Tiny Posters - Stickers

Framed posters of various things in pixel art form. Conveniently fits on walls where real framed artwork won't!*

*depends on the size of your wall

❗ Information ❗

- These are die-cut stickers!
- Some, but not all of them, have shiny areas. These are indicated in the option name!
- Dimensions: 5.0cm x 5.0cm

❕ Note ❕
Due to error introduced by printing/manual cutting, the stickers may be very slightly off-centre and/or have slightly misaligned white ink. I have picked out the ones I think are acceptable, but you may receive a sticker that's off by about 0.5mm on one axis.

Seconds are stickers that are further off, by about 0.5-1mm on one or two axes. They're still perfectly usable, but may benefit from a bit of trimming! These will be selected randomly, but if you order multiple, I'll try to give you approximately equal numbers of different designs.