Sticker Albums

Sticker Albums
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❗ Information ❗

- These are handmade sticker albums - I sourced the release paper, covers and spines, and punched/bound them together.
- Covers are bendy and translucent (frosted surface). Not very rigid, but not thin and floppy either.
- The paper is reusable - you can stick and unstick as many times as you want! There are 50 sheets of paper to hold lots of stickers and tape (note that this will bulk up the album).
- The spine can be snapped open and closed by hand if you ever need to modify the pages (not recommended to do this often though as it's quite troublesome).
- Pages are A5 sized, the cover and spine make it slightly larger at about 15.7cm x 21.9cm. It's about 0.8cm thick without anything in it.

❕ Note ❕

- There is just 1 of each spine colour!