Starlight - Enamel Charms

❗ Information ❗

- These are hard enamel charms! They come with a matching cellphone strap, attached with a lobster clasp - you can detach the charm if you'd like to use it on its own.
- The CROW charm is gold-plated, while the BUN charm is silver-plated. The dangling stars contain 1 colour of glitter each!
- Each charm comes on a backing card, carefully packed in an eco-friendly glassine envelope!
- These are single-sided.
- Maximum length including strap: 12.6cm (crow) / 12.1cm (bun)
(Note: when stretched! It's shorter when attached normally and loosely)
- Maximum length not including strap: 5.2cm (crow) / 5.1cm (bun)

❕ Note ❕

These are graded similarly to my pins. Note that the back of the charms may have scratches - these are not considered as part of the grading criteria.

Enamel charms are filled by hand in the factory. They may have small nicks in the metal/enamel, and/or inconspicuous dust specks in the enamel. When you make a purchase, you accept that the charms you receive may have such small imperfections!

This listing is for A grade charms. Please refer to my pin grading reference to see what this means:

B grade charms may be available under the Seconds listing: