[IN STOCK] Etherium Zine Reprint

In 2019, my friends and I put together a zine of our OCs that we sold exclusively at Comitia 127. This is a second print run of largely the same zine.

Preorders closed 6 June.
Please expect up to a month for your order to be shipped after preorders close. Other items in the same order will be held to be shipped at the same time.
[UPDATE] Extras from the print order are now in stock! This is no longer a preorder; once it sells out, it's gone.

IMPORTANT: If you order more than 2 copies I may require additional shipping fees, as the next shipping weight step is significantly higher in cost. I will send an email in this case.

❗ Information ❗

- This was originally a 70 page full colour zine, at B5 size. Due to binding style, I added another 2 new pages (an afterword, no new content), bringing the count up to 72 pages.
- Contributors are:
Emi (@crowlets on Twitter,
Lulu/Pseudo (@pseudostars on Twitter; cover art by them)
Jay (@jaywalkings on Twitter)
and me :) I have obtained permission from all co-contributors to go ahead with the reprint.
- The subject matter of the zine is our OCs from the closed species ARPG Stygians ( There is A Lot of yuri in here.

❕ Note ❕

- I do not currently intend to do any more reprints of this zine! This may be the only chance to order this zine online.
- As I printed with a different printing company from the one we used for the first run, the final product is slightly different from the photos.
- Informative pages has been edited slightly to reflect accurate printing information, but otherwise the original text has been preserved as far as possible. As mentioned above, there are an additional 2 pages with no new content.
- Contains some sexual references, but nothing explicit.
- Rest assured that this does not have anything to do with fake digital money by the way. The title is not a typo and is related to the Stygians lore.