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Making Memories - Sticker Set

Making Memories - Sticker Set
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❗ Information ❗

- This is a set of 19 die-cut stickers!
- Stickers have holographic coating! It doesn't photograph well, please refer to the 4th picture for images!
- Each polaroid sticker is 3.1cm x 3.8cm, and the large thank you sticker is roughly 7cm x 4cm. This all fits in a 14cm x 7cm envelope.

❕ Note ❕

- They have some variation in terms of printing alignment and cutting quality, especially around the edges. B-grades are quite noticeably misaligned.
- Most probably not weatherproof. I do not recommend using them outside and in places where they'll touched frequently (e.g. on a water bottle), as it might cause the coating to peel.