Love Letters - Enamel Pins

Love Letters - Enamel Pins
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Collar pins that represent an Emotion.

These are pride pins! For now there are only the rainbow and trans flag colour variants, but I will add more if there's enough support :D

❗ Information ❗

- One set comes with both pins on a card!
- The pins are connected by a 14cm chain, which can be removed!
- Closed envelope: 3cm by 2.8cm
- Open envelope: 3cm by 3.5cm

❕ Note ❕

Enamel pins are filled by hand in the factory. They may have small nicks in the metal/enamel, and/or inconspicuous dust specks in the enamel. When you make a purchase, you accept that the pins you receive may have such small imperfections!

Backs of pins are not a point of consideration in my quality checks and may have slight unevenness/discolouration.