$15.00 - $25.00

Days With You - Sticker Tins

❗ Information ❗

- This is a tin that comes with a set of 45 matching stickers!
- Stickers have a matte surface. Parts of the stickers are shiny and catch the light!
- Stickers have various dimensions; see pictures for size comparison
- Tin dimensions: 9.5cm x 6.5cm x 2.0cm (about the size of a mint tin), with a hinged lid
- To avoid unnecessary bumps during shipping, stickers will be packed tightly in a separate packet, rather than left loose in the tin. They will all fit inside, however!

❕ Note ❕

- These were cut manually at home with a cutting machine! Because of this, please note:
- They have some variation in terms of printing alignment and cutting quality, especially around the edges. Please be aware that they will not be perfect!
- While the material is supposed to be weatherproof, I do not recommend using them outside and in places where they'll touched frequently (e.g. on a water bottle), as it might cause the coating to peel.
- The backing paper may show some signs of being removed uncleanly from an adhesive surface, but this will not affect the sticker itself.