Cosmic ★ Summers - Washi Tape

Nostalgia of summers past.

Note: This tape has been reprinted with a different gold foil colour! Any new orders and future restocks will be the new version - please refer to the 1st photo for the differences! The fourth photo is of the old version, for reference.

❗ Information ❗

- These are not real stamps and cannot be used as postage!!!
- This is washi paper tape, with stamp-like perforations. It can be torn easily by hand.
- Stamp lengths are irregular and come in a few fun-sized lengths to make 7 stamps per repetition.
- Each roll is wrapped in plastic with a round label on the side.
- Length: 2.5cm by 5m
- Repeating length: 25cm

❕ Note ❕

- The adhesive on the tape is not very strong - while it will work perfectly fine on paper surfaces, glossier surfaces may require it to be secured with stronger tape and/or glue.
- Washi tape is not weatherproof, and intended for use as stationery.
- Foil stamping and die-cutting are subject to minor deviation - you may find that the design is not always 100% aligned for the full length of the tape.