Carbuncle Enjoyers - Acrylic Charms


❗ Information ❗

- These are acrylic charms printed on special coloured glitter acrylic! The glitter is also holographic and is very pretty to look at :)
- The print side is protected by a thin layer of acrylic, so it won't get scratched off.
- This design is meant to be viewed from one side - the opposite side is shown in the second picture!
- Each comes with a matching coloured paw-shaped clasp.
- Charms are approximately 4.5x5cm excluding the clasp.

Want it cheaper? B-grades are available here:

❕ Note ❕

- Charms come with a protective film on one or both sides. If the acrylic appears to be cloudy, it's most likely due to the film. Remember to peel it off!
- The print is slightly fuzzy next to the transparent areas - this is how the batch turned out and is not indicative of a flawed charm
- There may be minute differences (up to 1-2mm) in print alignment - please be aware that you may not receive a perfectly aligned charm!
- The glitter placement has a random element to it and will not be identical to those shown in the pictures!